ImmuView® S. pneumoniae Antigen Test

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Q: Is it possible to use urine samples where boric acid has been added? 
A: Yes

Q: Is it possible to use the assay on samples from children under 8 years of age?
A: No, it has not been validated for samples from children under 8 years of age.

Q: What is the "golden standard" for Pneumococcus diagnostics?
A: The "golden standard" for pneumococcus is blood culture.

Q: Most children are vaccinated for Streptococcus pneumoniae. Does that have a “false positive” effect on the test?
A: We have not examined samples from children after vaccination, but we have looked at elderly (above 64 years) who have been vaccinated. 4 out of 24 were tested positive within the first 6 days. The 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine does not affect the ImmuView® S. pneumoniae Antigen Test. However, we do not recommend to use the test within three days after vaccinating with a 23-valent vaccination since false-positive results might occur. The test is not recommended for children under 7 years because of carriage of Pneumococcus.

Q: Positive control: is it a liquid positive control?
A: Yes, it is a liquid positive control. The positive control should, when tested, give three lines (Pneumococcus control line).

Q: Is the positive control for one or more tests?
A: There is enough for at least three tests if the customer wants to use to three tests on positive control.

Q: Should you boil the positive samples?
A: The kit does not require boiling, but in some countries the sample is boiled to make a confirmation of the test result. But If the urine sample contains visible blood, please confirm a positive result by boiling the sample.

Q: Should the test be run with urine samples taken in the morning or can urine from any time of day be used?
A: Morning urine samples are to be preferred as the concentration of antigens will be highest in the morning. But the test can also be used with other urine samples.

Q: Is the test able to detect pneumococcus in synovial fluid?
A: The test has not been validated for use with synovial fluid


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