Dermatophyte Real-Time PCR Kit


Product description

The Dermatophyte Real-Time PCR Kit detects dermatophytes (pan-dermatophytes) from nail samples, specifically T. rubrum.

Standardized template preparation and reduced cycling allows for 2-3 hours detection time. The multiplex approach allow for simultaneous detection of several species of dermatophytes.

The kit contains all reagents needed for the analysis.

Fast identification of the problem-causing dermatophytes allows for correct treatment and thereby reduces the antifungal medicine prescribed plus reduces the recovery time of the patient.


The Dermatophyte Real-Time PCR Kit is used for in vitro diagnostics of dermatophytes in general and T. rubrum from nail samples. 

Product range

Article numberProductNumber of tests Packing
98730 Dermatophyte Real-Time PCR Kit 100  1 box




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